Examining Some of the Technologies That Can be Used in the Development of Micro-Blogging Sites

There are many technologies that can be used in the development of micro-blogging sites.

A technology like the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) can be used to create the basic structure of the micro-blogging site. This can be used side by side with a technology like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which can be used to set up the layout of elements on the pages of the micro-blogging sites. Another technology like eXtended Markup Language (XML) can be used for transportation of data to and from the pages of the micro-blogging sites, whilst a technology like Ajax can be used to ensure that data can be exchanged between the pages of the micro-blogging site and the server without having to do reloads.

Other technologies like PHP (Hypertext Preprocessing) can be used to do the server-side programming, with the client side programming being done using JavaScript. The databases in which the data that makes up the micro-blogging sites is kept can be operated using technologies like mySQL. The servers that run the micro-blogging site can be based on Linux. Fortunately, most of the properly trained web developers have competencies in all these areas, making things a little bit easier for the folks who run the micro-blogging sites.